Heather is the Owner of Fanstastic Cleaning. She has worked for multiple cleaning companies over the years, including doing Commercial Cleaning for many organizations that employed her for more than four years.

Growing up, she worked in her family business until she graduated from Boyertown High School. Her work ethic only supersedes her dedication and level of experience in the industry for exceptional customer service.Heather Hess Head Shot

Moreover, Heather was a Supervisor for 5 Cancer facilities in the Philadelphia area: Crozer Cancer Center in Glen Mills, PA. She also worked at The Rothman Institute in Limerick, PA. Additionally, she has worked for Above and and Beyond Housekeeping, Anago Cleaning Systems and MaidPro.

As we often do, Heather chose house cleaning as a means to provide for herself and her family becoming the lead trainer and QA Manager.

Heather enjoys her job and is most passionate about ensuring that her clients are happy and to help ease their levels of stress; so they may do what they also do best. Their own jobs.

At the end of a hard work day, Heather knows every house she cleaned is clean! Customer service comes first. Ask and you shall receive the best cleaning service money can buy.

Individuals pay for what it’s worth to get top-notch service. Heather provides just that and more because she cares more than anything else.

In her spare time, Heather is also a loving mother to her 8-year old twin children and her 3-year old son.