What Is My Cancellation Policy?2018-06-29T00:06:07+00:00

Since you’re not under contract, your time is just as valuable as mine. Respectfully, a 48-hour notice of cancellation is greatly appreciated!

If your cleaning service falls on a Holiday (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, New Year, July 4th, etc.) Fanstastic Cleaning will be sure to contact you one month ahead of time to reschedule your cleaning service

Me and my time and dedication to great service is here to ensure your absolute satisfaction. No worries. We’re organized and will take of you first and foremost

I Have Carpets. How Are they Cleaned?2018-06-27T00:07:17+00:00

Have a Dyson?  Do you want me to use my own vacuum? The choice is yours.




What Does Fanstastic Cleaning Provide?2018-06-27T00:07:26+00:00

Please review the following page: Services


  1. Cleaning Supplies
  2. Spic and Span (Kitchen)
  3. Powder Comet (Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Kitchen Sink Cleaner)
  4. Fabuloso-Multi Cleaner (Dusting and Floors)
  5. Awesome Bang (Bathrooms)
  6. Pledge for furniture (client scent requested)

*Are you organic and chemical free? Please advise as there are many cleaning products Fanstastic Cleaning is happy to provide. Examples may include: Simple Green or Myers Clean Day. (Extra costs or client purchase will be required). Kindly review the following website for suggestions about Green Cleaning: www.greencleaningmagazine.com


Do I have To Be Home When My Service Is Performed?2018-06-27T01:58:28+00:00

That’s up to you, but no. Our objective is to EARN your trust. Here’s how:

  • Garage Code
  • Door Code
  • If you live in a gated community, prior approval is required by the security of your development
  • Door(s) we are permitted to enter
  • Do you want us to lock up after? Some clients prefer to leave their residence open for other(s) to enter; children, parents, etc… (client must specify)


Do I Have To Sign A Contract?2018-06-27T01:58:37+00:00

Absolutely not! Our Mission Statement at Fanstastic Cleaning is continuing to earn your business every time we walk into your home.

Our philosophy? A Happy Customer Makes Us Happy Too!

What About Background Checks?2018-06-27T01:58:48+00:00

All employees, including myself have completed and passed background checks. Reports will be provided upon request. * extra fees may apply for this document.

What If Something Is Damaged?2018-06-27T00:06:40+00:00

1. I am fully insured and bonded if an unfortunate accident should occur. * Please note, if there is a valuable item in your home that you don’t want cleaned, kindly label which item that is in advance. Clients have even used post-it notes or made lists to ensure these items are not touched

2. Should someone other than me clean your home, and with your approval, all of my employees are fully insured and covered under strict guidelines of Fanstastic Cleaning

3. My staff and I are fully trained and required to notify me, as the owner, immediately. I will then text/email/call (your decision on how to be contacted…including all of the aforementioned) in the unfortunate event damage should occur

Do I Enjoy A Guarantee For My Service?2018-06-27T01:59:00+00:00

Yes! I have a 100% satisfaction policy. My main goal is to provide the best cleaning service, each and every time I come to your residence!

Because we are all so busy, you may not realize this at the time you arrive home. However, should you contact me within 24 hours of the day of your cleaning, I will come correct it (free of charge) or provide a a free or discount on your next service.

How Do I Get Started With Fanstastic Cleaning?2018-07-07T00:14:59+00:00

Contact Fanstastic Cleaning on any page of  the website, including this page

*You may sign on immediately and Fanstastic Cleaning has a list of references that you may request

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